Rosewe: Where Cost Meets Class

I used to wonder why I always looked the odd one out in meetings and family gatherings until a friend tipped me off about the Rosewe site that had become everyone’s favorite clothes shopping site. I didn’t believe that I could get a welcome discount of 8% on high-quality clothes until I joined the site. Since then, my closet has never been the same! You don’t have to miss out on the best deals and the most fashionable clothes anymore. Their latest half-price program where users can enjoy a discount of up to 70% has seen their following triple! Read this article and get to know more about Rosewe.

What Does Rosewe Deal in

Rosewe is an online company that specializes in selling clothes. The company treats its customers to a free shipping service for every purchase of above $20. Rosewe is home to the exclusive clothing designs and the latest fashions around the world. Do you want to look like a model, attractive on Instagram, or stand out in group photos? Rosewe is what you need to turn necks in awe at the market place! Here is what you should look out for when you log into the site.

  • New. This category informs the customers of the latest arrivals in the market. Here is where you should head to if you want to purchase a cloth that no one else in your neighborhood has seen. Log in and check the latest dresses, tops, swimwear, outerwear, and bottoms, including the plus sizes.
  • Dresses. Looking for classic sheath, maxi, casual, print, and party dresses? Rosewe stocks them for you! If you are the slay queen type, you will find the Off The shoulder, lace, and Chiffon dresses at competitive prices! They have clothes of absolutely all colors in the world.
  • Swimwear. Here is where your search for swimwear starts and ends. Your vacation to the Bahamas or Caribbean beaches won’t be in futility. Buy the Tankini, swim dresses, bikini, High waist swimwear, cover-ups, and one-piece swimwear’s and show off your class to your friends!
  • Plus Size. Rosewe takes care of customers with all body shapes. This is where I bought my thick girlfriend a plus size dress! Get your plus size swimwear, tops, and dresses too.
  • Tops. It’s High time you buy that cardigan that has been on your wish list. Rosewe is selling it at 50% off! Watch out for their high-quality tees and t-shirts, blouses, and shirts, sweaters, and the new arrivals.
  • Outerwear. I’m yet to see sweatshirts and hoodies more classic than the ones stocked at Rosewe.
  • Jumpsuits. Are you looking for jumpsuits and rompers? Find the hottest of all here!
  • Jewelry. After buying all those wears, you will definitely need to check out for bracelets, bangles, earrings, and rings to complete that perfect look!

By now, you should have made your mind on which dress you will be buying from Rosewe this weekend! Check out the recommended designers and get that feel of the class. It’s time your swimming partners got that fantastic look of disbelief when they see your floral bikinis. Click on the new arrivals category and shop now to surprise your friends at tomorrow’s night party!

Novica: Outstanding Handmade Artisan Products

Handmade artisan products are one of the most attractive items in the marketplace. Products like gifts, jewelry, apparel, paintings, and home décor capture and integrate different cultures and traditions from across the globe into different backgrounds. They give individuals a chance to express their feelings and emotions without using words. Handmade artisan creations can be used as decorations as they generate beautiful feelings of joy, remembrance, calm, and nostalgia whenever you look at them. Aren’t those some of the reasons you have been looking for them? Are you wondering where you can get a wide range of these creations at the comfort of your house? Novica, a global online artisan shop, offers you all the solutions for handmade products that you would need at competitive prices. Here is all you need to know about Novica.

How it Works

Novica is a platform that connects outstanding artisans to clients worldwide to enable them to get maximum returns from their art and craftworks. Notably, Novica has overseen the transaction of more than $98 million since its launch in 1999.

They have a customized search engine that enables customers to shop in regards to the region of the origin or motives of the arts. Are you looking for paintings for women empowerment, or is it for general public education? Do you want to show affection to your loved ones by sending them gifts, or would you want to decorate your living room using the home decors? Novica has all your needs catered for!

Why Shop at Novica

Apart from improving lives and uplifting communities through the creation of incredible art, Novica also impacts the world by buying handmade creations directly from global artists. As a customer, you are sure that whatever item you are buying is original art. Here are some other reasons why you should not miss out on this beautiful shopping experience.

  • It explores different cultures and regions globally in search of the best and most talented artisans
  • It empowers artisans and clients by connecting them directly without the involvement of middlemen
  • Novica helps overcome adversity by supporting and uplifting artisan families
  • They have an efficient customer support team that lookout for the most creative artisans to link them with clients
  • They offer great discounts for unique artisan-crafted accessories from around the world
  • They ship their products to over 100 destinations

Handmade Artisan Creations offered

Novica is where your search for elegant handmade creations starts and ends. They make collections for you according to seasons making your shopping experience much more enjoyable. The following are some of the product categories that you will find at Novica

1. The Holiday Catalogue Collection

  • Jewelry
  • Décor
  • Gifts
  • Women clothing
  • Men’s clothing

2. Unique Gifts

  • Unique gift finder
  • Express gifts
  • Gift cards
  • Special collections

3. Jewelry

  • Popular and new
  • Women and Men jewelry
  • Materials
  • Collections

4. Fashion

  • Men and Women fashions
  • Handbags
  • Seasonal collections

5. Home

  • Home accessories
  • Home furnishings
  • Tableware
  • Decor collections
  • Seasonal collections

6. Paintings

  • All paintings
  • Discipline
  • Subject matter
  • Color themes

In conclusion, Novica helps you discover thousands of original acrylic and oil paintings from around the world. They enable customers to explore global regions through the landscape, the cultural and abstract handmade artistic creation of outstandingly gifted world artists. What are you waiting for, gift your fiancée with the handmade Multi-gemstone Sterling Link bracelet this Valentines! Send your fiancé a winter gift card and let them know that you are thinking about them this season! Decorate your home with the attractive home decors and make it look like a paradise! Lots and lots of fantastic deals are waiting for you at Novica!

novica logo Your Favorite Themed Calendars logo

To achieve success, you have to be cautious of time and to think and plan. Do you feel like time always catches up with you? Poor planning of your time can lead to anxiety, stress, and fatigue. To avoid that, one can use a calendar. A calendar will keep you accountable and on track. It will also help you set boundaries. So, if you need a wall, mini wall, or a desk calendar consider getting it at, a world top retailer of the best calendar collections. These calendars feature different themes, such as music, sports, pets, foods, cultures, and animals. Here is what you need to know about

How it works

The user-friendly website is open for access on Mondays from 8 AM to Fridays at 5 PM every week. Apart from dealing with calendars, company also sells games, puzzles, gifts, and books. 

Since its launch in 1999, the company has enjoyed tremendous growth in its customer base due to its product diversification and customer service excellence. Its affiliate websites, such as,, and, have facilitated its sales operations in the United Kingdom, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia through partnerships.

10 Reasons Why You Should Buy Calendars from

  • Wide range of products
  • Competitively priced exclusive calendars in all formats and sizes
  • Customizable calendar themes
  • They offer an authentic gift collection
  • There is an affiliate program that allows customers to earn a commission of 15% for calendar sales made on their websites.
  • The committed customer support team that works 24/7 to ensure that clients get the best users experience
  • Great deals and discounts
  • User-friendly website
  • The improved search engine that allows you to filter your searches according to the top-rated, bestselling, trending, names, and prices of the calendars. Products

The calendars come in different formats and as many themes as possible. These formats and sizes include.

  • Wall calendars
  • Desk calendars
  • Mini wall calendars

There are also different categories of calendars ranging from humor, iconic artists, science to games. Customers can also organize and customize their personal spaces by purchasing their favorite themed calendars. Also, they have an authentic gift collection sets. Here are some of the vast selection of calendar categories you will find on the website.

  • Art/ Artists
  • Books
  • Cars/ Motorcycles
  • Flowers/ Gardens
  • Food/Drink
  • Games
  • Gifts
  • Humour/ Comics
  • Models/
  • Moms/ Babies
  • Movies/ TV / Music
  • Pets/ Animals
  • Pop Culture/ Fashion
  • Puzzles
  • Publishers
  • Religion
  • Science/History
  • Sports
  • Toys
  • Travel/Science

In conclusion, the wide range of product collections has made enjoy a massive following and infiltrate new markets through partnerships. At, every person is well catered for. Do you love commercial art, contemporary art, ethnic art, or is it popular fantasy art? Place your orders today and get this year’s calendar featuring the theme of your choice. Alternatively, if you are the romantic type you can choose to surprise your significant other by gifting them the Colour changing Unicorn mug!

Overstock: Where the Value of Your Money Meets Class


Overstock is an online retailer dedicated to providing high-quality designer brands and home goods at affordable prices. Furniture, rugs, home decor, jewelry, clothes, and outdoor products are just a few items available on Overstock. In January 2014, the company became the first major retailer to start accepting bitcoin as payment for its goods. The use of blockchain has enabled Overstock to realize a broader audience in line with the company’s slogan, “ Dream home for all.”

Initially, the company worked as D2: Discount Direct, selling surplus and returned merchandise on an online e-commerce marketplace. Two years later, D2: Discount Direct was sold to Patrick M. Byrne, who renamed it Overstock. Over the years, Overstock has seen enormous development. Right now, it procures a yearly income of over 1 billion dollars. In 2014, the company established Medici Ventures, a blockchain auxiliary, to oversee the t-zero enterprise.

What Items Can You Buy On Overstock? 

Overstock has practical experience in the offer of a vast selection of home and office merchandise as well as beauty products and accessories. With more than 15 years in the online business, the online merchant has designed millions of homes across the world with furniture and other home decorations.  

The company purveys nearly everything! For curtness, I will list their primary shopping divisions,  which include: furniture, rugs, decor, bed and bath, apparel, craft and sewing, home improvement, kitchen, outdoor, jewelry, kid and baby. Also, there are pet adoption centers as well as Overstock’s finance hub, where you can deal with your cash and take out an assortment of credits. 

Overstock offers Club O Membership program for $19.95 every year. A few advantages of the enrollment include: 

– Free delivery on all requests ( a few exemptions apply).

– 5% reward earned on each buy 

– Awards of up to $20 for item reviews

– Free no-bother return 

– Special customized promotions

Best Deals

Notwithstanding occasion deals and advancements, two areas to look at consistently include the Clearance and Flash deals. The Clearance page offer bargains up to 80% off, mostly on surplus items, while Flash arrangements, which changes daily at midnight, offers deals on top of the line and brand-name items at a limited pace of up to 30%.

Management and Employees

The organization has an incredible supervisory crew who ensures that their gifted and industrious employees have access to amazing advantages. Thus, the excellent work culture and advantages bring about morale and hence profitability. 

The advantages are 401k plans, educational cost repayment, employee wellness programs, location bistro, health insurance coverage, and indoor bike storage. 


Awards and Recognition

The industry leaders and influencers perceive Overstock as one of the most dependable retail organization in the U.S., positioning high for both clients and work fulfillment. Some of the awards include Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of American Business Award of 2019, Top 100 Retailer, as well as Web Marketing Association recognition. 



Overstock is a genuine online merchant to purchase from. Thanks to its world-class client experience, amazing deals and coupons, and a wide assortment of high-quality products, including —yet not constrained to garments, home style, furniture, gadgets.

Get Custom Party Supplies at Shindigz

Honestly, I do love tie-dye. It may not be the most fashionable option but those swirling rainbow colors possess this thing that makes me smile. It won’t be surprising to find it as part of the outfit in my graduation pictures. When I discovered tie dye fun party supplies were among the services offered by Shindigz Personalized Party Supplies, I was overwhelmed. It is quite hard to find something that will impress both a 6-year old and eleven-year-old for a party, but tie-dye did the trick as it served my niece and daughter’s birthday perfectly.

Shindigz’s Tie Dye Fun Party Supplies had every piece I needed to decorate the party with fun and a punch of color.

They had personalized swirl lollipops which formed an ideal decoration for the event and each guest was presented one in their favor bags. My daughter couldn’t hide her excitement when she saw her lollipop bearing her name. I used these lollipops here with some brilliant licorice for table decoration and as a fun treat.

Even though Shindigz offers several personalized options for favor bags, I picked a cheaper route and came up with a personalized round sticker. I let my daughter decorate simple gift bags which are also available at Shindigz’s. They fit the large favors that I had chosen as well. I conducted the entire ordering exercise online at, which eased my life as I was 8 months pregnant then.

For years, my daughter has been asking for a piñata for her party. I was exhilarated to come across piñata that perfectly matched the party. The ribbons didn’t fail us either as the older kids loved it inside, and surprisingly enough, my husband was also in the race for candy! Shindigz makes it easier as it sells a piñata filler bag accompanied by toys and candy.

Within a few days of ordering, two huge boxes were delivered to my doorstep which eased and simplified my plans for the party. Don’t hesitate, choose Shindigz to cater for all your party needs and you won’t regret!


OGX Penetrating Argan Oil of Morroco


  • Exotic blend renews and creates softness
  • Protects from styling heat, UV damage
  • Gives smooth, sexy tresses

Beauty Pure and Simple
Organic Moroccan Argan Oil

A precious blend of Moroccan argan oil which instantly penetrates the hair shaft restoring shine and softness while strengthening. Derived from the southwest region of Morocco, argan oil protects from styling heat and UV damage while creating soft, seductive, silky perfection.

The 5 Greatest Walgreens Deals

A cornerstone among drugstore food chains, Walgreens has 8,175 locations across the country, with 76 percent of Americans living within five miles of one, according to the company. The store offers solid products at competitive pricing, plus a robust loyalty rewards program, making it a go-to stop for prescription filling, beauty products and photo printing.

We asked experts to share their shopping tips for finding the best deals at Walgreens – Here’s what they had to say.

1. Makeup

Want to look your best, but don’t want to pay top dollar for makeup? “Be on the lookout for designer makeup swaps at Walgreens,” said Kerry Sherin of Offers Website. 

The drugstore offers numerous makeup products comparable to items you might find at higher prices at Sephora and other stores.

2. Over-the-Counter Medications

Got a headache? Don’t make it worse with high-priced aspirin. Teri Gault, author of “Shop Smart, Save More,” said Walgreens is a great choice for over-the-counter medication savings. 

And the generic counterparts of the name brands are even better deals. “They often run buy-one-get-one-free sales on them,” she said.

3. Pantry Items Like Cereal

You might not think of Walgreens as a great spot to pick up staples like cereal, peanut butter and other pantry items, but Gault said it’s surprising what you can do at the store with a few coupons. 

“I have been successful in asking if I can use two coupons and get the deal twice,” she said. “So, instead of a limit of three cans of salmon for $1.99, I got six.”

4. Photo Printing

If you want to print a few photos, create photo books and more, Gault recommended Walgreens as a way of getting top quality at a great price.

“Walgreens has my personal favorite photo services,” she said. “I’ve ordered prints online super cheap and picked them up within an hour. I also used their online tools to design books and photo albums at great savings, and I’m always happy with the result.”

For example, you can print normal, 4-by-6-inch photos at Walgreens for 19 cents each. And if you print over 100 photos, the price drops to just 15 cents each. Additionally, aspiring travelers can print passport shots for a mere $7.44.

5. Canned Foods

Stocking up on canned foods when they’re on sale is smart, and Walgreens is a good spot for it, said Pavini. “The key is to check out Walgreens‘ weekly ad and shop for what’s on sale,” she said. “For example, Progresso soup was on sale for four for $5. We combined it with a $1 off coupon on four cans from Coupons Website to bring the price down to $1 per can.”

CYO Bronzing Shimmer Oil

Meet C.Y.O., Walgreens’ solution to a product line that makes your wallet just as happy as your beauty bag.

Launching exclusively at Walgreens stores this fall, C.Y.O. serves up an impressive 160 products including contour sticks, mattifying primer, lipstick and liner duos, metallic eye shadow pots, illuminating foundation, liquid lipsticks, ombré lipsticks, and bronze shimmering body oil.

They even have a few eye shadow palettes with kickass names like “Rainbow Warrior Showdown” and “Rainbow Warrior Front Woman.” Excited yet? Brace yourself for the best part: everything is under $8.

Aveeno Active Daily Moisturizer

Sensitive skin can be unbalanced, leading to irritation and redness. Help rebalance your skin with this ULTRA-CALMING Aveeno Daily Moisturizer. With exclusive ACTIVE NATURALS CALMING FEVERFEW and broad spectrum SPF 15, this formula is clinically proven to calm and soothe irritated or sensitive skin and visibly reduce redness in as little as 1 week. Gentle enough to use every day-even on sensitive skin. It’s oil-free, hypoallergenic, noncomedogenic and dermatologist tested.

Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Review

So far I am very satisfied with this. I have thin nails which break and chips easily and since I am doing nail art videos I wanted a nail hardener so that my nails will be strong and not break quite often.


  • Have zero nail breakage after I started using it
  • Use it as my base coat
  • Dries pretty fast
  • Quantity in the bottle is a good amount
  • You can apply it as a top coat as well
  • The bottle package is quite cute and easy to hold


  • Maybe the brush applicator would have been a little bit thicker