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Honestly, I do love tie-dye. It may not be the most fashionable option but those swirling rainbow colors possess this thing that makes me smile. It won’t be surprising to find it as part of the outfit in my graduation pictures. When I discovered tie dye fun party supplies were among the services offered by Shindigz Personalized Party Supplies, I was overwhelmed. It is quite hard to find something that will impress both a 6-year old and eleven-year-old for a party, but tie-dye did the trick as it served my niece and daughter’s birthday perfectly.

Shindigz’s Tie Dye Fun Party Supplies had every piece I needed to decorate the party with fun and a punch of color.

They had personalized swirl lollipops which formed an ideal decoration for the event and each guest was presented one in their favor bags. My daughter couldn’t hide her excitement when she saw her lollipop bearing her name. I used these lollipops here with some brilliant licorice for table decoration and as a fun treat.

Even though Shindigz offers several personalized options for favor bags, I picked a cheaper route and came up with a personalized round sticker. I let my daughter decorate simple gift bags which are also available at Shindigz’s. They fit the large favors that I had chosen as well. I conducted the entire ordering exercise online at, which eased my life as I was 8 months pregnant then.

For years, my daughter has been asking for a piñata for her party. I was exhilarated to come across piñata that perfectly matched the party. The ribbons didn’t fail us either as the older kids loved it inside, and surprisingly enough, my husband was also in the race for candy! Shindigz makes it easier as it sells a piñata filler bag accompanied by toys and candy.

Within a few days of ordering, two huge boxes were delivered to my doorstep which eased and simplified my plans for the party. Don’t hesitate, choose Shindigz to cater for all your party needs and you won’t regret!


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