Staples DIY Printing

The workplace is changing. There are mobile phones and mobile tablets. One of the things that we wanted to do with staples and what staples approached us on is to capture some of the opportunity of that customer base that comes into their retail stores. I’m always printing from here whether it’s a headshot, a resume, or something like that.

I’m on lunch hour so this was great. It’s like let me go to Staples, I’ll get it done and it’s done and I go back to work. So you have customers that actually send it to print before they need their office, come here and just pick it up. Everything is more modern but yet it’s still simple to use for everybody.

Everything on the front of the screen just says print, copy, scan, fax. Whatever they want to do is written on the front of the screen. Since then take much knowledge to work the machine so I like that, using a credit card everything is super-fast and it’s pretty self-explanatory. It just makes it so much easier to go in here and scan it for my email.

I really liked it. I think this touch screen is very convenient, pretty straightforward and yeah it’s really simple and they absolutely love the new machines. I love the simplicity of it, I love the new functions that we have in the machines now and just feel more comfortable. Being at the self-service machine is just more convenient and user-friendly when they are printing things like their birth certificate, social security cards the lightening document feature that’s right on the machine is absolutely useful for them.

We can just tell you can just do this and let us know if you need. They go and do it themselves which is great. Who will be happy with a machine like scanned fax and email these functions like your own personal assistant that is actually one plus there for sure? Thank you, Staples, for making this happen because it actually provides a better customer service!


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